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Is that my brain I smell burning?

This article is by Chris AKA Dawg – A member of ADDer World. I simply thought this is a great article to give readers some more insight as to what’s going on in ADDer World. We have the best members in the world, the most kind hearted and caring folks you can find on this side of the internet. Just read through the comments and conversations to realize this for yourself. Feel free to join us in supporting each other with great conversations, insight and old fashioned horsing around!

Is that my brain I smell burning? By Chris AKA Dawg

Sundays are the best day of the week for me! I’m sure that after my last post.(what does blog mean anyway?) You might be scared to dive in to Dawg’s dark and deranged recent history but there’s not much more to tell. It is a huge weight off my shoulders to have “told my story” I have wrote 20 pages of things that weighted my heart and mind over the last few plus weeks and have been hovering in the AD/HD online community. Hovering is a bad word; more like flying at 600 MPH two feet above the tarmac, throttle down, hand on the stick ready to pull up. Hyper focusing if you will and taking it all in. I’m not exactly pulling up to the arrival gate, but I’m on the ground. “you may now turn your personal electronic devices on!”

I have always had a good sense of my strengths and weaknesses and the surprises left to discover regarding the D are limited to the science and what and how I can tap into for the positive. I’m proud to say a lot of what I’ve learned regarding the wiring I already knew. What works for me, what I’m successful at, the importance of positive thinking and self confidence. I also recognize the things that a detrimental to my emotional stability and the self damaging cycles. Surround yourself with people that support you not criticize you. And allow further investigation encompassing the “why”

Divorce has been a hot topic around here and I want to remind everyone that not having the D doesn’t guarantee success or happiness in love. Know the difference between Problems that many married people face and the ones that are unique to this community or just you. Do the best you can and ask GOD for guidance and be aware when it comes to you. Ask for help here.

Know that given a stressful or emergency situation. High risk or completely surprising, riding by the seat of your pants; regardless of your past, or chronic underachievement lack of educational success, the smart odds makers bet on the D. Their high adaptability and experience dealing with discouraging situations utilizing creativity and unique, fresh approaches make them the best “dark horse” wager on the table. You’re going to make it people. I would bet cash monies on it.

And… for your Google, brain melted, and slightly manic AD/HD fact of the day……

Efficient sequencing techniques and the almost complete human genome sequence have identified the variants DRD4 linked to the D as “desirable” through natural selection.

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Thank you Chris!