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A Brilliant Book Review – Is it ADHD or Highly Sensitive Individuals?

Jenna Forest, author of the memoir Help Is On Its Way recently read my personal life story in my book One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir – Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD and she has posted a review about it on her website

One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir has been blessed with numerous positive reviews, for which I am thankful, humbled and honored. Jenna’s review is one of the most understanding views of what I had envisioned for my story to be and is. Everyone takes from my story what has the greatest meaning to them, at the moment they are reading it. I believe because Jenna and I relate so very well and have similar backgrounds, she literally stepped into my mind, – no, even further, – into my soul, while reading my story.  Her insight and understanding is uncanny. 

Check out Jenna’s review:


Is ADD/ADHD real or are the characteristics of this “disorder” simply a newer interpretation of a regular old energized personality? Is there a truly vulnerable person behind the characteristic multi-tasking, distracted, creative, hyper-focused, inventive, forgetful, vibrant, procrastinating, insightful, and impulsive ADD-er? What feelings do these characteristics bring out in the ADD child – and how do those feelings affect the relationships of child and adult ADD-ers?  …


Jenna Forrest:

North Carolina, United States
As an author and success consultant, Jenna works with intelligence, experience and heart, helping people to emerge, grow and prosper in their personal and professional goals. Jenna’s memoir Help Is On Its Way was published to demonstrate how any individual can gain ground and find personal success and fulfillment, no matter what obstacles are present.

Thank you Jenna ~ Bryan

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