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Michael Phelps Smoking pot, weed, grass or something in a bong?!


I guess when you are insane famous a little photo can get a lot of attention, especially if you are considered the perfect role model. Truth is, nobody is perfect and nobody should be expected to be perfect. That being said, I read a couple recent blog posts about Michael’s situation and how his actions do, or better yet, do not relate to ADHD. Can you really separate the actions of someone with ADHD from ADHD itself? That’s a very good question. Check out these two articles which take a moment to put this whole shebang in perspective:

Dr. Rory Stern’s take

And another very interesting, no BS article by Jennifer Koretsky

What do you think of Michael’s recent actions concerning smoking marijuana? Related to ADHD? Or just a 23 year old experimenting? Or…


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