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Gluten Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern

I came across a delightful book the other day called Gluten-Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern. As some of you already know, I am allergic to wheat. That’s no fun and keeping wheat out of my diet is a chore, but, worse still is that I am also Gluten sensitive. Once you start trying to eliminate Gluten from the diet it sure can seem like eating food is suddenly tragic! However, that’s not really the case. The truth is, once I started to eliminate Gluten, I start to eat so much healthier! Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn’t taste half bad; actually, after a while I discovered REAL food tastes much better than the over processed crud I had been eating for so long. It’s really no wonder I had always been feeling so grumpy and lethargic at times, especially when waking the next morning after a late night dinner of cheeseburgers (I do miss them, don’t be a hater)! I used to have the most difficult time waking up in the morning, not only was I grumpy, but, I was always still so darn tired, I would need 4 or 5 sodas just to get my groove on, if I could turn it on at all! Oh, by the way, I do not drink soda anymore either. It’s really no wonder I had such issues and my ADHD symptoms were being extra provoked by my lousy diet.

I came across Shauna’s book the other day and the words Gluten Free caught my eyes. I skipped the ‘girl’ part – I am a guy after all. Living Gluten Free has been a pain in my ‘you know what’ so reading about someone else doing it was of serious interest to me. I am glad I picked up Shauna’s book. She’s got a brilliant way of bringing living Gluten Free into a positive light and has useful tips for eating right and tastefully so. If you’re Gluten sensitive or have Celiac Disease this is a ‘must have’ book and should make you feel much better about the way we are living with regard to being Gluten Free! Now, the thing is, I don’t have to avoid Gluten all of the time, like folks with Celiac Disease (bless your hearts); however, I willingly admit that whenever I do eat Gluten on accident I know it within a few short hours! To me, that’s a strong hint to stay as far away from Gluten as possible. Shauna’s book is the result of writing her blog. Yep, she’s got a pleasant, positive blog about living Gluten Free too. Be sure to check it out here.

Dare I say living Gluten Free is a gift?! I dare! It’s been a wonderful gift for me and my over all well being. Milk and Gluten are curse words in my dictionary! Darn them! Remember though, I am also allergic to Milk, so that doesn’t mean you should not drink it if you are not allergic to it.


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