Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

Impulsiveness meets Passion meets Infatuation meets Love?

So Special – So Sweet.

There comes a moment, a moment in time when you meet someone, someone so special; there is no other who can compare, no words can describe, but inside you, you know that this is the one – oh yes, sweet, delicious, luscious, YES!

Every heartbeat exemplifies. This one, this oh, oh, so perfect one, who’s mere existence explains why the world exists, why the sun comes up and why the stars twinkle.

This person smiles so brightly, has such kind words to say, wants to see you each and every day. Heaven is everywhere, all around you, within you. You can’t sleep, much less think of anything, or anyone, else. The world is new – there is finally reason to the madness and everything, everything is so gloriously clear, finally, at long last.

Have you ever been so lucky? So blessed? To be loved for you, who you are, who you really, truly, magnificently, are? Without criticism, with your imperfections, without deliberate corrections to your manners, with your missteps? You can do no wrong. To trip, to slip, to fall, a hand reaches out so kindly and lifts you up.

Love exists.

The myths, the tall tales, the movies, all are true!

Why can’t others understand the happiness and be happy for you? They are jealous. They tell you to slow down, take a breath, see the steps before you and walk them with open eyes.

Your eyes are wide open. You are aware, far and away more aware than you have ever been before!

Why – why can’t they understand?

Finally, someone understands you. Finally, someone cares for you. Finally, what you have been searching for is right in the palm of your hand and others want to take it from you, want to steal it, want to deny you the happiness you so deserve.

Haven’t you been through enough pain? Haven’t you endured enough? Enough is enough, this time, this special, loving, caring, wonderful time, is, yours!  

To be taken in the arms of love, to feel the warm, sweet, beautiful embrace –

oh, sweet, heaven, on, earth!

Yes! Yes!


If only others could understand.

Perhaps they have never felt this, this bliss, never had this and therefore cannot possibly understand, cannot possibly fathom what is going on within two hearts kindled by the passion of a fire so hot, so bright, so close and near. Ah, but they will see the truth and their jealously will give way to understanding in time. Yes, in time, they too will see and they will want what I have, indeed, they will see.

Yes, oh sweet, precious – Yes! YES!

Oh, my, in the light of the brightest day, YES!

As it were…

As the leaves turn, autumn comes and goes, winter sets in and the snow falls. For some reason, this year, the moonlight doesn’t seem to dance on the falling snow. It somehow seems so grey, so dull, and so passionless.

This Christmas will not be special, no fire in the fireplace to warm the room and no arms to feel around your heart. It had started out so perfectly, every dream was coming true.

What happened?

The world was so very perfect. It was the summer of ages.

It’s my fault.

It didn’t last because I was finally visible, my imperfections became so clear. I couldn’t find the right words anymore. I couldn’t keep up the charade. I cannot be, and will never be, loved.

In the spring new life will be due,

a baby will be born.

It was thoughtless, it was careless, the warning signs were all there and yet, who could have known?

Should’ve known, could’ve known. It is so clear now, so very clear.

And the guard rises once again, higher than ever before, never to be broken, never to be crossed, never to be deceived, never to be cheated, never to be taken advantage of! No! Never!

Time passes. Time heals all wounds. Time takes the memories and dulls them. And then, finally, thankfully, the time has come…

Once again…

You know me? Yes, you do. You see me for who I really am? You care for me? Truly, you care for me!

Thank goodness you have come.

No, don’t speak, let’s just be, let’s just let the stars lead us where they may. We need not understand, we need not compare, we need not find fault, there’s been too much of that already.

No, my precious, you are perfect, I care not and want not to know of your faults, what you think or believe, whatever is in your mind, it doesn’t matter. Allow our passion to rule, it will lead us to the promise land.

Let’s take this gift and be happy for it and give thanks through our love for it. No, please, don’t speak… Let’s not listen to others.

They are jealous, they know not, they understand not…

And the circle goes unbroken.

In the spring… new life is due…