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Book Cover Adult ADHD can be Sexy Updated


Thank you all so much for your input so far!

You’ve spoken and I have listened!!! I appreciate it and how! The pink covers will NOT be used; those covers have obviously sent the wrong message. The piece of chocolate stays and the line about the chocolate goes. After reading the book the reason for the piece of chocolate will become clear.

Dr. Nancy Irwin, one of our ADDer World Social Network members, was so kind and sent me a quote for use. If you’ve been reading my relationship, love and yes, even the sex related articles (shhhhhh!), then you have a very good idea of what will be found inside the cover of this book, but also with plenty of surprises! For any of our professionals reading this and would like to provide input, such as in the way of quotes, please send me a message for more information.

Seems the RED cover is on the right track and therefore I have updated the covers by adding the latest idea. Please continue to provide input here or send me a message, I so appreciate your willingness to assist with this wonderful project!

*I know a professional designer would be very helpful, but having you, our ADDer World members, assist in creating the perfect cover is something very special to me and I have wanted to do that. You ALL mean a lot to me!!!

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