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Does Lindsay Lohan have ADHD? 90 days Jail time prescribed for her.

I don’t know if Lindsay Lohan has ADHD, but with several news reports reporting that she is indeed taking prescribed ADHD medication, maybe it is true. It adds up. So, let’s go with the reality that there must be some semblance of truth if she is indeed taking the medication. If that’s the case, let’s discuss the public reactions to her behavior.

Lindsay’s behavior, I think we all can agree, has been erratic, odd and extremely confusing – dangerous even. Sound familiar? But let’s not forget sometimes her behavior has been brilliant too, which is why she originally became famous.

Many people literally hate and despise Lindsay for her negative, sometimes outlandish behavior. I have even read several degrading remarks by ADDers who, by the way, have displayed odd, erratic and extremely confusing behavior themselves from time to time (and yes, sometimes brilliant too), that is, if, they indeed have ADHD.

I don’t want to excuse Lindsay Lohan by any means; however, I do want to take a moment to point something out. Typically when someone like Lindsay or Paris display the tale-tale signs of ADHD and get in trouble for it the public outcry is amazing and devastating! Very few, if any fellow ADDers come out to support these people.  I wonder why? Maybe it is because these starlets do not openly admit they have ADHD right away? I think we ADDers know full well why this information is often kept under the covers. Many of us do it too, so that doesn’t float so well. Maybe it is because they are rich and socialites and should therefore be somehow better, because they have access to better treatment? So, in that case, ADHD should be less of a factor for the rich and famous? I wasn’t aware ADHD affects the rich and famous differently, or that it should.  Bottom line, their behavior is unacceptable. Right? Just asking, of course.

Or, maybe it is that we see a bit of ourselves in their behaviors, the things (hidden or openly) we loath about ourselves. We can use someone like Linday or Paris as the target of our frustration instead of ourselves?

Now, please think about it for a moment, if you or a loved one has ADHD: If you have rejecting and/or negative feelings or thoughts about Lindsay due to her behavior, consider for a moment that may be very similar to the rejection, negative feelings and thoughts too many people have about us with ADHD. Now, with this consideration, perhaps we have a better idea what it is the non-believers of ADHD think and feel about us who do have ADHD. It may be as close as we get to understanding where they are coming from and from that, perhaps we can work to educate and inform the public about the oftentimes brutal reality of ADHD. Also, we might consider that the public’s awareness of ADHD may come from the behaviors of the few famous people with ADHD that get into trouble. If we reject them too, why shouldn’t they (public /society) reject all of us with ADHD?

Just wondering…

I posted this not to defend or excuse Lindsay Lohan. I posted this because it might just give us the ability to visit the other side of the debate internally within ourselves. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs and deserves, sooner rather than later. She’s an incredible and brilliantly talented person. I look forward to a day when she rises back up, but I am not going to abandon her while she’s down. I wouldn’t want to be abandoned either… what about you?