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ADHD and Brain Cancer and PMA

Liza, this post is dedicated to you.

Even if you have ADHD or worse, brain cancer, you too can be a role model, someone others look to and are inspired by, if you so choose. I know such a person and I am always incredibly impressed by her motivational, moving nature and most of all her resiliency under incredibly difficult circumstances, circumstances I can’t imagine living through, much less keeping a Positive Mental Attitude.

I recently found out that I have been suffering from Mono for quite a while and although I knew I was constantly tired and rather drained, I feared the worse, but blood tests proved negative for just about everything until one doctor said my symptoms appeared similar to Mono and he tested for it. Bingo! Did you know you can suffer from Mono for several years even though the worst symptoms may never develop? I didn’t. Thankfully, I am in the recovery stages. But what I want to point out here is that I had become somewhat internally depressed because I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Then comes along Liza and she puts it all in perspective.

Life can go in many directions and having a positive mental attitude can make all the difference. I see so often how we can get sincerely upset with having ADHD, that we forget and mess up on things others seem to take for granted. But, hey, if we really want to have something to be upset about why not add brain cancer into the mix. That’s something really to get into and let the negativity flow. Right?

Wrong! We only have one life to live and some of us take the higher road and refuse to give in, to let go and allow anger, resentment and chaos to rule us. We are better than that. We stand tall and look for new horizons when others would have us bow down in defeat. We are not losers, the deck can be stacked against us, but through the fog comes a shining example of fortitude and resilience the likes of which that must be paid attention to and cherished for what it is.

When I first started ADDer World I wondered if there was really room for a positive perspective about life with ADHD. I wasn’t sure I would find many readers. It seemed most of us were feeling sorry for ourselves and we beat ourselves up constantly. What I discovered is that most all of us really want to move on from feeling ‘lesser than’ and want to feel better about ourselves. Maybe ADHD isn’t a gift per se, but so many of us have wonderful talents and traits we are proud of, above and beyond the traits that get us into trouble and we decided these talents and traits would be called our gifts. We decided on a positive perspective together. Sure some ridicule and chastise this type of thinking, but hey it is hard to put a good thing down. We have discovered together that we are better than we thought we were and we have more to offer than we thought we did.

It is when Liza (AKA Lizard) joined our ADHD social network that things really started taking off. She jumped in and added charm and fun to the mix. She joked about her ADHD and the goofs that she had made, some quite destructive, but she never failed to inspire. We all started looking forward to her posts and she greeted every new member with aplomb, but then came the real bomb. A tumor had been discovered. Liza had brain cancer and soon her posts on the site started to dwindle and before we knew it we didn’t hear from Liza for a long while.

We found out she was in the hospital and thanks to Keath Low we were able to send her flowers and get well wishes. Let me tell you folks this is when I truly started to discover the power of community and positivity. People really do care for each other. Many of us have suffered and we don’t want to see others suffer so we find ways to build each other up and give them something to believe in. Along the way we too are built up and given something to believe in. Few things feel as good in this world.

Now for the most wonderful news of all LIZA IS BACK!!! She’s still fighting the cancer and still making her way, but stronger than I have ever seen it is her Positive Mental Attitude and her constantly joking manner. I am going to say I believe this has so much to do with Liza’s fortitude; she refuses to be defeated and rises like a phoenix to continue to inspire and motivate us.

I have so many things to be grateful for in creating ADDer World, but nothing comes as close as I am grateful for meeting Liza through our online Social Network. Why don’t you take a moment and meet this amazing, wonderful super woman, she’s posted several new entries on our AW network, here’s her latest: Things you should not say to your doctor……..

Thank you Liza for being you and being one of us!