Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

ADHD Book Series TOP 3 Bestselling Author

Today I received great news from the Vice President of Author Services for Infinity Publishing. He informed me that my ADHD book series One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, The Brilliant Reality of ADHD and Adult ADHD can be Sexy, has made me one of their TOP 3 Bestselling Authors! To say I was surprised is an understatement, after all, Infinity has published over 6000 titles, to include books by celebrities. It’s quite an honor, and sincerely demonstrates the amazing power of ADDer World readers and members who are helping to spread the word. I only advertise my books on my websites and in-turn the proceeds are the sole financial support for maintaining the ever increasing website costs. Thank you ADDer World readers and members! Please continue to help spread the word!

I have been asked to write a blurb for Infinity’s monthly newsletter telling my story as an author.

Here it is:

When I began writing my first book, One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, I had no intention of publishing it, much less becoming a bestselling author. But I have to admit having become an author just a few short years ago, the idea that I would one day become a bestselling author seemed only a dream, never my true goal. My goal was to write my story as a therapeutic exercise about my life as a boy growing up with undiagnosed ADHD, how it affected me as a child and as an adult. During the course of writing it all down I came to realize I wanted to help others who may be dealing with similar issues relating to ADHD and decided that my story should be published.

One of the things which has helped me the most in my life is an excellent book I read by Norman Vincent Peale, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, the book inspired and motivated me to seek help and to live a more fulfilling life. I took his teachings and what I have learned with professional therapy and combined them to produce my unique personal perspective, which became the impetus of One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir and my follow-up books. I wanted and still strive to do for others what Peale’s book did for me so long ago.

In 2007 when I first published One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir I had no way to tell the world about it. I went online and created my personal blog where I regularly share my opinions about life with ADHD, with nearly 500 posts to date. Very soon after the creation of my blog I created the ADHD Social Network ADDer World, the very first ADHD social network of its kind. With nearly 3000 members at this point, the websites have been hugely successful, reaching and connecting with people from around the world. What’s especially unique is that the proceeds from my books have for the most part gone directly back into maintaining the ADDer World community. Word of mouth has been vital, without the power of my readers’ support I would not earn the proceeds to support the websites and continue writing online.

One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir has achieved what most ADHD books have so far not been able to do, and that is to reach into the world of those who do not have ADHD as well, because One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir is first and foremost the story of a boy who struggled painfully, who was severely punished and who eventually, thankfully, found his own ways to overcome his struggles. ADHD or not, we all must find our own ways to overcome our struggles and One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir gives hope by demonstrating that we can. The greatest part of this accomplishment is that my story helps dispel the myths about ADHD, and spreads awareness to those who otherwise would not normally seek information about ADHD.

However, there is still such a long way to go and I am happy and privileged to be a part of such an important cause in spreading awareness about ADHD. It is my hope that eventually my books, especially One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, will be available in all educational institutions, and any and all places where it can help others. Too many people around the world have major life struggles, some with ADHD and some with other challenges. One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir, is written for all of us. We are all much better than we sometimes think we are.