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5 Important Reasons to Focus on What Could Go Right (even if you have ADHD!)

The mind seeks to create what it constantly focuses on.

1) When focusing on what could go right we look for solutions, opinions, ideas, tools and even take lessons to create the outcome we desire.

Alternatively, by focusing on what could go wrong we avoid those things because it’s going to go wrong anyway.

2) When focusing on what could go right we notice all the little things that will help us. The tiniest steps forward are viewed as progress.

By focusing on what could go wrong any step forward is likely to be disregarded as never enough.

3) Focusing on what could go right stimulates and sustains your inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm.

Why would you need those if it’s going to go wrong?

4) Focusing on what could go right creates a “can do” mentality.

Focusing on what can go wrong creates a “can’t do” mentality.

5) Our focus attracts certain types of people. By focusing on what could go right or wrong, whichever you choose, you will attract the type of people who will help you.

Do you want people to help you achieve or help you stay stuck?

Make your life worth it! 

Think Positively!

It is very easy to focus on what could go wrong. The solution is to purposely focus on what could go right.

This change in mindset seems simple enough, but the power goes beyond mere words and creates reality.

As you improve your mindset beware of those who only focus on what they can’t do, who are always rejecting what is possible. They excuse themselves from the effort it takes to think positively about themselves, much less what could go right.

Stay away from those people. You can’t change them, but they might change you.

Be yourself, focus on what you want and know that when there is a will there is a way! (Click Here to tweet that.)

Think of a time when you focused on what could go right and solutions began to present themselves. Share in the comments.


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