Motivational and inspirational writer, Bryan Hutchinson is the author of several books about life with ADHD including the highly acclaimed, best selling "One Boy′s Struggle: A Memoir" and the author of the hilarious eBook that went viral "10 Things I Hate about ADHD"

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Best Blog Post Articles about ADD ADHD

Myths of ADHDLots of people ask me which blog posts of mine are the best. That’s a really tough question (all of them? No!) and it would be very easy to pick from the most popular, but that wouldn’t be fair and it would be giving in to my ADD ADHD shortcut behavior. Shortcuts, who me? Yep, me. But, not today. Below are blog posts selected to get you started. Before you do that, or after, I highly recommend that you subscribe to my blog to get all the latest. The subscription box is to the right in the sidebar. Your email will not be shared with anyone. Or you can sign up (highly recommended) to our ADDer World ADHD Social Network Click Here

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Since there are many topics I cover concerning ADD ADHD, I’ve broken these down to certain types. However, I did not highlight any “what is ADD ADHD” the web is full of those, but if you don’t know then read this one: Sometimes I tried anything!

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What my blog is about

  1. The Gift of Positivity even With ADHD
  2. The Gift of ADHD and the Power of Positive Thinking


Exclusive Interviews

  1. Exclusive Interview: Dr. Edward Hallowell on ADHD & Positive Thinking
  2. Exclusive Interview With Pulitzer Prize Winner Katherine Ellison On ADHD
  3. Exclusive Interview: Dr. Lara Honos-Webb on The Gift of ADHD
  4. Exclusive Interview: Dr. Charles Parker on ADHD Medication Rules and Gluten


Inspirational & Motivational

  1. How to Stay Positive and Happy Every Day – with ADHD!
  2. What is your life’s purpose? Let’s find out! Even if you have ADHD!
  3. Every Day is an Opportunity for Thoughtfulness, Even If You Have ADHD!
  4. You Can Be an Achiever even if you have ADHD!
  5. Have you labeled your ADHD?
  6. Lessons from Steve Jobs! Today is a Great Day even with ADHD!


Hyper Focus & ADD ADHD Advantages

  1. ADHD – the STRENGTH Based Approach – TRY it
  2. The Brilliant Gifts of Hyper Focus and Positivity
  3. Turning ADHD Disadvantages into Advantages
  4. ADHD and the Gift of Being Distracted
  5. Hyper Focusing and Writing


Interesting & Maybe Funny

  1. ADHD Tip: How to Accomplish Goals and Finish Projects without Setting Goals or Deadlines.
  2. What We Eat Can Make a BIG Difference to our (Mental) Health!
  3. Do people with ADHD Scare the Living Heck out of themselves?!
  4. Several Studies Say Drinking COFFEE May Be GOOD, even GREAT!
  5. Here’s a GREAT SNACK for People with ADHD!
  6. Is it ADHD or Bad Luck?


Famous People with ADD ADHD

  1. Michael Phelps, A Person With ADHD Is The Greatest Olympian Ever!
  2. Michael Phelps and Hyper Focus Concentration helps win Gold Medal in Beijing
  3. Who are the Famous, Successful Women with ADHD?
  4. Steve Jobs RIP Dead – ADHD?
  5. Famous, Successful People with ADHD… should we be Inspired by them?
  6. Paris Hilton has ADD and she is Awesome!



  1. Interview – Relationships!
  2. ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment is Imperative for Relationships and Self!
  3. Top Ten 10 Do and Don’t with your ADD ADHD partner
  4. Lost Friends and Lost Lovers and Life Thereafter
  5. Sex Love Marriage Affairs and ADHD
  6. Living with an ADD ADHD Partner


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