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ADHD and Stimulants – Harvard Review of Psychiatry

Rick Mayes Ph.D. recently sent me his article “ADHD and the Rise in Stimulant Use among Children”

This is an important article which helps to demystify the confusing, and often worrisome, information out there on stimulant medication and ADHD. I am making it available to you here on ADDer World, please feel free to download and read:

ADHD and Stimulants – Harvard Review of Psychiatry

It (1) summarizes the existing knowledge of ADHD, (2) provides the
relevant history and trends, (3) explains the controversy, (4) discusses
what is and is not unique about ADHD and stimulant pharmacotherapy, (5)
outlines future directions of research, and (6) concludes with a brief
analysis of how two North Carolina counties have established community
protocols that have improved the screening, treatment, and societal
consensus over ADHD and stimulants.