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Superman Returns – NoT just AnoTHer ReVieW! This movie relates to all ADDers (ADHD ADD)

Superman Returns Superman Returns, the movie, is the epitome of every Adder’s dream! As Adders we dream more than we do most anything else. We dream when we are walking, talking, eating and sleeping. Inherently, dreaming is our favorite past time, all the time. For any non-Adder reading this article you will finally have insight into what we dream of the most.

Superman is the man of steel. He is a savior, a hero and yet he is a man of deep feelings and has the inner need to please others—especially Lois Lane. In Superman returns he comes back to earth after being away for 5 years and many things have changed. The most important, is Lois. She is now in a relationship and has a son. What I love most about this move and why I am doing something of a review about it, is that Superman acts in certain ways the first 30 minutes of this movie that every Adder dreams about.

In about the first 15 or 30 minutes of Superman Returns, Superman saves Lois from an airplane disaster. It’s a fantastic Adder scene. Lois doesn’t even know that Superman is back yet! Before I explain more, let me impart a little bit about us Adders so that you can see where I am coming from with this:

Home work not complete or maybe not even started, bad grades and they are getting worse, chores not done and probably not started, bedroom a mess and it’s become dangerous for visitors, getting grounded as a result, detention and just plain punishment becoming a regular standard for you. Many Adder children go through this, it was way worse when I was growing up because nobody knew what ADD or ADHD was! And because of those things we Adders escaped even more to our dreams and in those dreams many of us created whole new worlds. In those worlds we created ourselves in the roles of heroes and other great role models. We wanted to be better than what we were and we wanted rewards, praise and most of all: love. I imagine that, for today’s Adder children that the theme of our dreams has not changed too much.

The aircraft rescue in Superman Returns is an Adder moment. When I watch that scene, it does not matter how many times, I get goose bumps all over. It is so exhilarating! The aircraft is in mortal danger and Lois is on board and she does not know that Superman is back, neither does the rest of the world. As the aircraft’s terrible fate seems to be becoming inevitable, aircraft controllers announce that something very fast is approaching the doomed flight and then as the passengers realize their doom is near, Lois looks out the window and she sees a quick flash of blue and red. She looks puzzled, not sure of what she saw, but you can see a little spark of hope light up in her eyes. It is not a bird; it is not a plane… It is Superman! This is where the movie starts to get good, real good and us Adders can feel it all the way down to the tips of our toes.

When I was a kid I had an out of this world dream I used to escape to. It was a fantastical dream which I might even write a novel about one day. In my dream, epic dream, I was a hero. Not just any hero, I was a leader of the most powerful superheroes in not just simply the world, but the entire universe! That’s right—we Adders do not waste our intentioned dreams on being second rate. We have enough of the unwanted and nightmarish dreams which we can’t usually control, so when we dream our own dream, we go all out. In the real world we succumb to pressures and we incessantly feel inadequate and jaded. When we can control our dreams we see ourselves as being something like rock stars being serenaded by crowds. It has to do with our yearning to be appreciated and wanted—recognized in a good, positive way.

If you have not seen Superman Returns, you should. Before Superman can save the airplane he must first separate the space shuttle attached to the top of it–piggybacking. While he saves the space shuttle, the plane with Lois in it topples towards the ground in a blaze of fire and wings snapping off. We the viewers do not fear for Lois, we know what is coming next. Superman swoops down with amazing speed to the rescue. The director tries to make it seem like a chore for superman, but we really know that this is Superman’s bread and butter. Superman finally reaches the nose of the plane which is pointed straight down to the ground and uses all of his super might to bring the plane to a stop, and he does, and in no less of a place than in the middle of a crowded baseball stadium! You can hear the shocking silence of the crowd and then as they realize what has happened you can hear their cheers and rejoicing for Superman!!! It is an amazing moment. Superman is in the place where all Adders go in their dreams. In the middle of a large, appreciating crowd and saving the day! Oh my!

Yep, that’s all an Adder child wants—a little appreciation. Maybe it was an Adder who created the line “I get no appreciation!”?

We are all super! Two Adder Up, up and aways!

Someday I’ll be Saturday night
I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doing all right
It may not be tomorrow baby, that’s ok
I ain’t going down, gonna find a way

Hey, hey, hey
Man I’m alive I’m taking each day and night at a time
Yeah I’m down, but I know I’ll get by
Hey, hey, hey, hey man I’m gonna live my life
Like I ain’t got nothing but this roll of the dice
I’m feeling like a Monday but someday I’ll be Saturday night

Bon Jovi- “Someday I will be Saturday Night”


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