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Dr. Parker Demystifies the ADHD Medication Mystery

Dr. Charles Parker is working on one of the most important books which will be published in this time of need. He is writing a comprehensive book about ADHD medications for you, the one who needs it most. There’s so much confusion out there, there’s so much contradicting information and some of us fear the medication which could help us move to the next level, or at least organize a few of those piles. Chuck sent me a link yesterday and asked me to share it with you. Sign up to be notified when his new book The Patient’s Guide for ADHD Medications is published.

When you sign up to be notified about his book’s release you will receive a white paper about ADHD medications, here’s the outline of that paper:

  • This paper is a comprehensive outline of my forthcoming book
  • I want to keep you informed when The Guide becomes available – with no obligation to purchase.
  • You will be better able to understand ADHD meds with this white paper the day you receive it.
  • It contains multiple links to the many posts and references I have been speaking and writing about for the last 3 years at CorePsych Blog
  • Including specific notes on the evolving diagnosis of ADHD
  • Including multiple notes on comorbid diagnosis and ADHD
  • Including specific notes and reference resources on drug-drug interactions
  • Including specific durations of each stimulant medication
  •  Including specific notes on the Therapeutic Window to use with your doc
  • Including suggestions about how to work with your medical team

Go to this link to sign up.

I do not personally endorse or take any ADHD medication. I am posting this as a personal favor to Dr. Parker, to help get the word out. I believe this to be very important for the many lives in need and affected by this often confusing area of treatment for ADHD. Chuck demystifies the ADHD medication mystery for you and me!


PS: Dr. Charles Parker is a member of our ADDer World ADHD Social Network. You may leave a comment for him on his page here. Talk directly to one of the doctors on the front lines of ADHD treatment. Be sure to find out where and when he is having his next keynote address and maybe you could let your doctor know about it.

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