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Positive Thinking part3 post1:

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Positive Thinking part3 post1:        
Everyone is an Adder?

Hmmm… where was I? I really felt empowered while writing the last post to this series. I get very excited talking about potential! Potential is a wonderful thing and I am going to further explain my thoughts concerning our potential as Adders, but, for now, we will move on to… what was it? I sure am forgetful! Aye, yeah, now I remember.

First things first, though. Did you know that nearly everyone displays an Adder symptom or two? Everyone forgets where their car keys are every now and then and everyone gets distracted from time to time… just a second… going to check my mail… brb…

Sorry about that. I got a sandwich and there was something interesting on TV. But, I am back now.

The truth of the matter is that because everyone displays Adder symptoms it lends to the belief that ADD and ADHD is over diagnosed and maybe ADD and ADHD just do not truly exist. I don’t want to get into that debate. However, what I have noticed is that people who are normal minded also tend to do better when receiving lessons and training designed for Adders. So, if you’re reading this and you’re not an official Adder, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone and this may very well be of benefit to you too…

Have you ever wondered if someone you know or have read about is an Adder? I mean, we can’t diagnose someone just because of something they do or did, but still, it is very interesting to debate about a person’s behavior and how it relates to ADD and ADHD.

While creating this Blog I searched the web high and low for lessons on how to create a good Blog, a Blog others would be interested in and I learned some great new things and some things I seemed to inherently know. Well, come on, if we’re going to think positive then we must admit that Adders are a very creative and ingenious people. Yes, indeed we are. You know that. That is how your daydreams and distractions pay off! Yes, I will get to that too.

Anyway, before I got distracted again, thank you very much, I was talking about searching the web high and low to learn about creating Blogs when I happened upon a certain Blog that I found to be not only outstanding, but overly interesting. Interesting to an Adder? That’s right—I spent hours and hours on that Blog reading what the author had written and then, yep, I downloaded some of his free e-books. Now that’s an effective Blog if I have ever seen one! The author of the Blog is none other than Seth Godin and his blog is at: If you like, research Seth’s Blog, see if you can understand why his site captured my attention and then come back here…

Why do I think Seth Godin displays some of the traits of an Adder and just how did I get lucky exactly? To be continued…

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