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Dream on Commander Mart

In Celebration of the completion of my Memoir: “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir – Surviving life with undiagnosed ADD” my wife wrote a poem about my life story! It’s an amazing poem that truly captures the history of my life. If you are wondering about the title, Commander Mart was a fictional Super Hero Character I dreamed about being when I was a young child. Joan is an amazingly talented poet and to truly appreciate and completely understand her poem it is necessary to read my Memoir; however, I still think that most of you will understand what she is expressing. Actually, if you’re an Adder, I am sure of it!

Here you go, for your reading pleasure:

Dream on Commander Mart

Dream on Commander Mart
Flow into a violet cloud of calm
Seal off from the universe constantly
Clicking on off on into mind, into senses
Firing crimson streams of chaos, burst…still
Breathe, hold lowered eyes, shut out flashpoint orange noise
Smooth the sine waves slithering neon between ears,
Tangling behind a pensive, cool yellow stare…still
Breathe, let them recede into lush azure vibrations,
Gently enliven imagination… still
Dream on Commander Mart
Fly to your felicitous emerald world
Sown with courageous deeds, heralded feats, true blush of love
Glistening silver prizes waltzing before your rapt attention
Assured rhythm, sensible steps, energizing time
Warmly engaging, embracing your eclectic thoughts.
Conquer the steely naysayers, express with no regrets
Profound declaration of awareness
Clearly awaiting your day, radiant
Golden leaves crown the astonishing victor.
Dream on Commander Mart

-Joan Faith Hutchinson
October 14, 2007

 Thanks Joan!


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