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The Concept of Time for someone with ADHD

Is none existent!

At least that’s the way it feels sometimes. As I wrote in my memoir about how adulthood snuck up on me, that’s how dates still seem to come along for me, they sneak up on me unbeknownst, like an alley cat on a mouse. But, the difference for me, compared to the mouse, is that when those dates come along, no matter how special they are, or should be, my mind takes them in as a matter of fact and moves on. Sometimes those dates pass me by without notice only for me to remember too late, which just makes me rage with dissatisfaction for myself. Of course, I am not sure if I do that with dentist appointments subconsciously on purpose or not (hrmm?). That probably deserves more consideration, but not right now, as I just don’t have the time for that.

The reason for our (mis) conception of time is simple. As an ADDer we have so much going on in our hyper wired brains that we don’t regularly stop and smell the roses. One thing comes and we are automatically thinking about the next and more often than not, we are thinking of multiple things already,  as a result not just one can become dominant for longer than a day, if that long. We do anticipate and we do dream of great things to come, but unless we are hyper focusing on it, it’s only special for a short period of time.  

The one great thing about our ADDer concept of time is that when difficult or trying times are upon us, we know that when we say “this too shall pass” it really will and you know what, it will only seriously matter to us for a short time, as long as we can focus on it. That short period of time can seem like an eternity though, so yes, there is that side of it too.

Keeping an online and offline journal and writing my memoir are ways I have found in which I can capture moments in time and truly appreciate them for what they sincerely mean to me. Understanding both my self and ADHD helped me view the past with perceptive comprehension and helped me explain for others methods which can and do work for the majority of us ADDers. This is another reflective illustration which indubitably shows we are in this together ~ The ADDer World simulated time capsule of life. No wonder Einstein is considered an ADDer, he spent a lot of time thinking about time – didn’t he? It confounded him too, I am sure.

The concept of time for an ADDer really is just a concept – isn’t it? What is your experience with this mysterious passage of dates? And in what ways do you treasure those special days which come in a blink of an eye and are gone just as fast?

Albert Einstein Publishes Theory of Relativity

The first of his many seminal contributions to twentieth century science, relativity recognizes the speed of light as the absolute speed limit in the universe and, as such, unites the previously separate concepts of space and time into a unified spacetime. ~PBS online

Oh, look at the time, how it flies – gotta go!


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