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Kali Karagias – Out of Control

I came across another fantastic Blog yesterday! Kali It’s by Kali Karagias and naturally she writes about her ADHD. She’s witty, funny and she is a beautiful and talented actress. The Blog is called Out of Focus. She’s back in school after a 13 year layover and has some wonderful posts concerning how those youngsters around her approach her and a great one about a certain professor. Here is a short excerpt from one of her posts:

I had a meeting with a professor this week.  He happen to be younger than me, which made the meeting that more titillating, and he asks, “So why get a degree now.  Probably won’t help you career wise”.  His statement made me stop and think; do I slap the $hit out of him now, straddle him in his chair like Showtime skin flick, or simple agree with him.  I straddled him and got put on academic probation.  No, I didn’t but wouldn’t that have been funny.

So I have been thinking long and hard, not about him, but about what he said.  So I came up with a couple of ideas of what to do with my new college degree: read the rest here~!

Have fun and enjoy Kali’s Blog!


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