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Help Is On Its Way

Help Is On Its Way by Jenna Forrest- Book Review

Jenna’s story is not simply an inspiration, which it is. It’s more than that, much more. It’s about a young person growing up in an adult world and having adult pressures surround her daily, such as her parent’s breakup and divorce, her sister moving out to live with their father, the place Jenna would like to go, but can’t. Jenna could have cracked and give in to the pressures that threatened to overwhelm her, but instead she has ‘Frank’. Frank is someone I know very well and yet I have never met Jenna in person. Being negative 80 points on a reward system to keep from being grounded, as Jenna’s sister was because she had chosen to protect Jenna, and still find positive and inspirational messages within all the chaos makes clear that Jenna’s intuition isn’t what one could call normal, it’s a gift and provides Jenna the means to survive, to believe, or rather, know, Help is on its way.

Of all the meaningful gems found within Jenna’s story, there is one paragraph which stands out in my mind above everything else and to me is the essence of Help Is On Its Way. The meaning is clear to me and somehow I believe I was meant to read Frank’s words at the exact moment I read them. I truly believe that when the student is ready, the master will appear. I have copied the paragraph, words which are related to Jenna from her guide, Frank:

“Because it’s your life. Nobody else is gonna do it for ya, Jenna. Now you don’t have time to waste. Remember. God gave you a destiny in this world. But you won’t ever reach it if you neglect to first find the happiness and satisfaction in your own right. You’re old enough now. It’s time ta take full charge of ya life. Set your sights on nothing but all the good you can see and dream.”

When I read that statement from Frank to Jenna, I was overcome with a feeling of providence. It seemed as though Frank was talking directly to me through Jenna’s book. And I must admit, he is right, it is when I set my sights on nothing but all the good for which I can see and dream that things began to improve in my life. Perhaps Frank is making sure I would not forget that fact and get back to doing more than keeping on and continue to make the improvements I have set out to make.

Jenna’s story is a treasure and her writing is breathtaking. It is so easy to become captured in her style and sense for details. The atmosphere she creates is so real that I felt as though I was right there with her. She had me worried sick when she ran away from home and was sneaking into her close friend’s house… was her friend’s abrupt and harsh father going to detect her? I was stuck in the closet with her until her friend’s father finally left and we could hear the car going down the road. That reminded me vividly of moments in my life when I waited to hear my father’s car to pull out of the driveway and hopefully forget me, ah but this is about Jenna’s story.

I cannot recommend Jenna’s book enough. There are many valuable and inspiring moments within the pages that you will come away with a treasure trove of motivational tools for improvement and realizing that we can do better, we will do better, no matter how dire the circumstances, or, how endless they may seem. Problems are real and so are the solutions, Jenna gives the solutions to us in many ways, but the best ways are through the wise words of Frank. Good old Frank! Thanks Jenna!

You can find Jenna’s book Help Is On Its Way here.