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The Secret – The Law of Attraction – Thoughts Become Things – One Boy’s Struggle

I believe in the law of attraction, The Secret, if you will, I believe it whole heartedly. The Law of Attraction is a very sensitive subject and the cause of too many arguments and denouncements amongst a group of people who simply have not found a way to make it work for them – they are too busy believing and explaining that The Secret isn’t possible. When you read what they have to say they always seem to be protecting others from getting their hopes up or from being hurt, but, if you read closer you find the pessimism and negativity which is at the core of their very own beliefs from their very own experiences.  The bottom line is that negativity and pessimism works just as well with The Secret and seems to come naturally, especially if one has ADHD.

The Law of Attraction works for me, it has worked all of my life and without therapy it would have continued to work destructively in my life. The Law of Attraction works in our lives whether we believe it or not, whatever we focus on the most has a way of developing our future. We just seem to get more of what we’ve already got. The rich get richer and the poor keep getting poorer. There is no nuance here; it’s plain and simple reality. If you can’t believe in a better future, then a better future will not develop for you, plain and simple. No? How will a better future arrive if you can’t believe in one? It won’t, the door is locked, blocked and sealed. Only your thoughts can unseal and open the door and there is no shame in seeking help to heal one’s thoughts. I sought help, even before I discovered The Secret, if I had heard of The Secret before I had professional therapy I would have blown it off and probably cursed it! I would have explained how it does more harm than good, how it spreads false hope etc… etc…

“Thoughts become things” Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill studied successful people for 20 years before he wrote the first book about The Secret! 20 years of pure study of those who were successful and those who failed and found all had one thing in common: each got what he or she believed regardless of education or handicaps. Napoleon Hill applied the philosophy of what he learned and spread his message the world over! If you have heard of The Secret and The Law of Attraction the first book written about this subject and the father of all books to follow was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 1937. The philosophies currently taught are still the same as what Napoleon Hill wrote in 1937 and are a direct result of his studies which are still true today and have been true through-out history.

Have you ever noticed that those who have discovered, applied and benefited from The Secret spread a positive message of hope and a better future? And have you noticed those who denounce it usually do so with a negative connotation, some even becoming insulting or slanderous towards those who spread a positive message? Why is that? What’s the difference between the two messages? Exactly. The reality of one’s thoughts are in their words and actions, both positive and negative.

In my book One Boy’s Struggle I give credit to The Secret and examples of how it has worked in my life. I know that anyone can benefit from the philosophy, but, I also believe that one must be ready for it. I did not become an author on accident, I didn’t create this blog on accident, nothing I do and bring forth is on accident, and all of what I do is a direct result of what I believe. I have ADHD – Yes. I suffer from PTSD – Yes. By all rights I should not be able to do what I do and succeed at what I do, you shouldn’t be reading this!!! Do you truly think if I believed that, that you would be reading this? I didn’t think so. There was a time though that I did believe I couldn’t and wouldn’t, the world was against me… Defeated, dejected and utterly hopeless…

Thoughts do indeed become things. It’s hard as hell to redirect though when we have suffered and have been hurt and continue to hurt. As I also explain in my book, through therapy I discovered how much power my thoughts have over me, what I was thinking and how I could positively redirect those thoughts. I learned the power of positive redirection. If luck was involved it was involved in providing me with a therapist who took the time and concern to listen to me, to discover what I believed and why I believed those things. We all have reasons for the things we believe and usually we have no clue when or why those thoughts developed to begin with.

As you have probably guessed, I do not believe there was any luck involved with finding the right therapist who could help me. I wanted to get better, the desire burned within me, I knew I could not go any longer the way I was going without completely self-destructing. I went through 4 therapists before I found the therapist I felt most comfortable with. I was seeking something and even though I did not know what I was seeking exactly it still was attracted to me. The time it took seemed like forever. I could have given up at any time, but, something kept drawing me and something kept pushing me. It was a will to become better, to improve! Seek and you shall find.

I repeat: one must be ready for The Secret. If you’re not ready, that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually be ready to understand, accept and use the philosophy. When you read my book you will discover there were many steps in the process before I sought therapy. You will read about the young lady who helped me discover that I was harboring a Special Feeling inside which kept me seeking, you will meet mentors who were attracted to me at specific times, each who helped me move ever forward. The changes came slowly, step by step; I didn’t just wake up one morning and discover The Secret. It came to me when I was ready.

Thoughts become things, they really do. You don’t have to believe that… yet.


PS: The Secret, The Law of Attraction and Thoughts becoming things is not about eliminating total negativity.

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